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Purchaze Tee


30 €

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Item description

Red - 100% Cotton

Quality is what we want to deliver; that is why we started our very own Purchaze T-shirt!

This first design is the beginning of surprises we are going to bring to you in the near future. Quality gear for the stars who support Purchaze for buying their kicks and apparel with us. The stars resemble you as our customers and the arrows stand for the directions we are selling our sneakers to.

And because you are buying our kicks and apparel: YOU GOT PURCHAZED!

Of course this stands for being hooked up with premium quality, for a descent price.

So, for only 30,00 ? we are dropping this original T-shirt on you. Only 100 Tees are made!

The first, the beginning; a shirt telling people what?s what.

And that is how it is supposed to be.

When buying 2 pairs of kicks, this Tee will be turning up in your package FOR FREE.

Item details
Manufacturer: Purchaze
Made in:
Released :
Delivery times

Shoes which we′ve got in stock will be delivered in about 1 up to 2 days within Germany.

The delivery time for other countries can be found under shipping.

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Delivery times: 1 - 2 business days within Germany
We are only selling 100% authentic apparel
We ship exclusively with DHL:
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This size isn’t available anymore!

There is no possibility to re-order this size, because the manufacturer ceased the production. So if you send us a request to this size we unfortunately have to refuse it.