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Lacoste Protect JN SPM White Black
Item description



The Lacoste Protect JN SPM "White/Black" Leather is one of the famous designs from the Lacoste brand. This casual sneaker provides you with quality leather which will perfectly combine in a formal set up. Plus it will give you the comfort to keep your feet fresh and relax your legs while you are standing up for a long time.

This edition is fitted in a full white leather outside and a anthracite textile inner shoe. The stitching is also white and therefore contrasting with the white leather or black suede leather. Lacoste is stitched on the heel of the shoe in white and the crocodile is in white on the side of the shoe. The velcro part to open and close the sneaker is equipped with a nice stitching. The sole follows your feet perfectly while walking. Imagine that you are wearing this beauty while you are at the company barbecue on the beach.

Item details
ItemNo.: 7-21SPM1131147
Manufacturer: Lacoste
Type: Fashion
Color: White/Black
Made in: Thailand
Condition: Brand New in Original Box
Material: Leather/Synthetic
Released :