Nike Air Max 1 Black Black Black

With this performance on your feet, you can be sure that you won't give up anything. The materials used and the monochrome packaging are gold correct. Immediately you recognize a promising difference in the courteous mix, which unfolds completely when you use it. All other advantages will be explained to you in the following blog post.

Attractive and almost always ready for action - the Nike Air Max 1 in Black and Brown.

At first glance, you will realize that this is a candidate who is not too bad for any use.

Nike Air Max 1 Black Black Black AH8145-007
Nike Air Max 1 Black Black Black AH8145-007

His successful mixture of materials, which was thought through to the end, deserves special mention. This time only black gradations unfold, which convey a timeless overall impression.

Sympathetic with incomparable wearing comfort

At the latest with an extensive use you will determine, how advantageously the used materials bring themselves into your life. The mesh fabric inserts next to the toebox, parts of the side wings and the back of the outer entrance provide you with a fresh circulation that is particularly breathable. In addition, the soft suede inserts along the weather protection edge as well as the remaining smooth leather inserts on the side wings add to this remarkably.

Health-promoting damping system in all situations

Due to the fact that with this version you shift your complete body weight to the midsole, you can now perceive your daily routine much more actively. Known physical limitations such as back or knee pain are now a thing of the past. As an additional benefit you will experience a considerable vitality and you will devote yourself fully to your actual plans.

Effortless removal of unwanted wear marks

As soon as this companion has been worn more often, dirt adherence and similar changes cannot be avoided. They can be removed quickly with a simple trick that requires little effort from you. Simply pull out a soft cloth or brush and you're ready to go. Place the aid in a soaking container containing lukewarm water and a few drops of conventional detergent. In this combination the unwanted impurities can be removed best, whereby it is to be said that circling movements accelerate the effect still further.

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