Nike Air Max 1 Black White

All in all, this version of the Nike Air Max 1 features a two-tone appearance. With black and white, two contrasting colours have been used here that one could not have favoured better. So it is in no way surprising that many fans feel drawn to this model series. The following blog post will give you a clear and detailed overview of the features that are particularly to be appreciated.

Suitable for everyday use and groundbreaking at the same time - the Nike Air Max 1 in Black and White.

A few glances are enough to properly evaluate the valuable choice of material.

Nike Air Max 1 Black White AH8145-014
Nike Air Max 1 Black White AH8145-014

Pleasant suede leather runs all around the black weather protection edge. Immediately above, the side wings and the back are finished with smooth leather in black. The inscriptions on the tongue, the heel, the Nike Swoosh on the sides and the midsole are highlighted in white.

Charming portability in all situations

The inner lining made of so-called felt fabric in black leads to an unbeatable result. Softly bedded and excellently protected, your feet will linger here under any strain. For you a pleasant experience with direct activity is accessible at any time, whereby the numerous mesh inserts at the toe pocket, tongue and the outer entrance enrich you with sufficient air from the outside. This effectively removes signs of fatigue to your advantage.

Comprehensive cushioning for uncompromising comfort

Its visible damping system intervenes immediately in the extensive activities that get in your way in everyday life. On this so-called buffer you shift your complete body weight, so that your muscles and joints receive a promising relief on forthcoming ways. If you have suffered from back pain or similar knee pain in the past, you are almost no longer affected with this version.

Carefree removal of unpleasant dirt deposits

Few maneuvers are necessary once you apply the subsequent course of action for yourself. Impressive results can be achieved by filling a container with lukewarm water and adding a few drops of household detergent. A gentle rag or a soft brush can also be used as a soaking aid. The areas to be treated are progressively treated with circular movements in order to achieve the desired effect within a short time. With the help of a short application time, the materials shine again in their original appearance when purchasing the sneakers.

Where can I buy the Nike Air Max 1 Black White confidently on the Internet?

Within a few days of receipt of payment, the copy you can see here can be delivered to your door in a relaxed manner. A look at Purchaze's online shop, which many sneaker collectors consider to be more than trustworthy, is a convincing source for this. Since 2004, this service has been available from all over the world at the touch of a button, with numerous payment options leaving no questions unanswered. With a purchase on account or the convenient installment payment, you also have an attractive security that completely limits your risk in advance. With DHL, you can expect delivery reliably and on time.

In summary, this approach basically corresponds to your ideas? Finally, all you need is your personal shoe size and your preferred payment method. In the self-explanatory ordering process, your personal data will then be requested. The steps described below can be implemented:

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