Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Volt Clay Green

This time, the Nike Air Max 1 unfolds in a timeless combination of colours and materials. This is already a thoroughgoing model that was ready for the market in 1987. A remarkable addition to this show is this shoe cabinet in the colours grey, light grey and neon green. Other interesting facts can be found in the corresponding blog post.

Assure yourself of a promising appearance - the Nike Air Max 1 in Mica Green, Volt and Clay Green.

In view of its sleek presentation, this series always provides new buying impulses.

Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Volt Clay Green AH8145-300
Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Volt Clay Green AH8145-300

In most cases, it is the classical forms that are still a part of the design years later and have sufficient assertiveness. What does it look like with you? Do you already feel the high-quality materials and the coordinated colours?

Fabulous running sensation for your long-term well-being

Directly in the midsole there is a so-called peephole, which makes the damping technology clearer for your understanding. This is where you shift your entire body weight when you use it. For your health, this means a relaxed life with additional relief for your back and other body regions that are similarly stressed.

Promises you a desirable wearing sensation on any surface

All in all, a very careful pairing of materials has been made that will never push you to your limits, even over a complete working day. With its mesh inserts in light grey along the toe pocket and the outer entrance, you get enough circulation possibilities so that the air in the sneaker can exchange with the outside air. Once around the weather protection edge suede in grey has been put on, so that you always get a dry foot. The swoosh on the inner and outer wings is neon green for that certain something.

Will be very convenient for you to have a dry cleaner

If the cleaning wish should not be shifted further to the back because parts do not look so nice any more, we put a simple trick with you to the hand. It is enough to fill a bucket with lukewarm water and add a few drops of detergent. The areas to be cleaned are worked on together with a soft cloth or a soft brush using circular movements. A short time later, the jewellery will shine again in its old splendour.

Where can I order the Nike Air Max 1 Mica Green Volt Clay Green without worrying?

So that your order on the Internet does not become a clear failure, the highest caution is always required. There are many signs for it, which speak for a dubious offerer! Missing imprint, bad to useless translation of the texts or insufficient means of payment. Here in Purchaze's online shop you have already found a place to go since 2004, which also has a shop in the city of Aurich. At the latest when you have arrived at the payment page, you will take note of the purchase on account or the convenient installment payment with enormous joy. Ultimately, it's up to you how you enjoy this version.

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