Nike Air Max 1 White Pure Platinum Cool Grey

With its manageable colour scheme, this new production with the name Nike Air Max 1 transforms any combination into an unmistakable overall picture. Only two colours have been selected for the upper material, which finds the darkest shade of colour on the outsole for a successful finish. As soon as you carry out an activity for this purpose, you will be convinced of its numerous advantages. In the following blog post you will get to know all the special features extensively.

Expressive and helpful at the same time - the Nike Air Max 1 in White, Pure Platinum and Cool Grey .

Conscientious care is taken to provide you with the best possible support in all situations during the course of your day.

Nike Air Max 1 White Pure Platinum Cool Grey AH8145-110
Nike Air Max 1 White Pure Platinum Cool Grey AH8145-110

Breathable and sympathetic, the mesh unfolds along the toebox, tongue and the outer entrance in white. This almost ensures that you always find the right temperature in the inner shoe. The weather protection edge is made of suede in light grey, the swoosh is made of smooth leather in the same colour.

Reliable portability even for high demands

Your feet are embedded in soft felt fabric so that you feel really good in everyday life. Its additional padding promises a pleasant hold and an enchanting spectrum of development. Thanks to the angled outsole, you will reach your goals quickly. Due to the so-called waffle pattern along the profile, the necessary force is shifted to the ground.

Sophisticated damping system for remarkable results

In the midsole is a visible cushioning unit, which gives you a promising wearing experience. This is where you shift your personal body weight to, whatever the strain. A comprehensive relief for your muscles and joints is thus in prospect, which beyond that known back or comparable joint pain to a minimum reduce.

Unproblematic removal of dirt deposits

In the long run, unwanted wear marks on the upper material cannot be avoided. They can be removed almost residue-free with a simple trick. To do this, either take out a soft cloth or a soft brush and place it in a bucket to soak. This was previously filled with lukewarm water and a few drops of detergent. The areas to be treated are then lightly treated with this solution and removed in the best possible way using circular movements. After a short period of contact, the materials shine again in their original state.

Where can I buy the Nike Air Max 1 White Pure Platinum Cool Grey recommended on the Internet?

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