Nike Air Max 90 Essential Cargo Khaki Light Bone

A tasteful string of timeless colours to surround your feet? With the new Nike Air Max 90 Essential colour scheme in olive, khaki and black, this principle has top priority. Harmoniously arranged, this companion presents itself from its best side as soon as it is directly at your feet. Discover more and interesting features in the following blog post.

Indicates a down-to-earth appearance - the Nike Air Max 90 Essential in Cargo Khaki and Light Bone.

It's easier said than done, but the timeless colors usually have it easier to find wide acceptance.

Nike Air Max 90 Essential Cargo Khaki Light Bone 537384-309
Nike Air Max 90 Essential Cargo Khaki Light Bone 537384-309

With the Swoosh, the manufacturer has once again succeeded in creating a staging that carries everything with it, without exception, in order to count as a classic in your shoe collection.

Filters any unevenness for your relaxed progress

If you have always wondered what the so-called viewing windows in the midsole are good for, here is the important answer: for your benefit. The cushioning system has been designed so that your entire body weight can shift to it. So any back or knee problems are a thing of the past as you are now much more uncompromising.

Loosening and dirt-resistant fabric selection

Altogether a material mix can be fathomed, with which a combination-joyful composition with the textiles in your wardrobe realizes itself as well as the materials a proper breathability ensure. Along the weather protection edge and the side wings, smooth leather in olive can be found. All mesh surfaces reveal themselves on the toebox and the outer entrance in black. Only the Nike Swoosh as well as the applications at the end and on the inner and outer wings are covered with cream.

How is smooth care best practicable?

An uncomplicated trick is all it takes to eliminate stains or unattractive dirt deposits. Best results can be achieved with a soft cloth or brush. In addition, a bucket of lukewarm water is needed, where a few drops of detergent are added. Treat the areas to be cleaned with this mixture and finally loosen them with circular movements.

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