Nike Air Max 90 Essential Wolf Grey White Indigo Storm

A further ray of hope is presented here again, which has earned his attention in every respect. This time, five colours will open up a whole new world for you. Thanks to the advantageous mix of materials, you'll get your money's worth again. To make sure you don't miss out on its other advantages, the following blog post gives you a comprehensive insight!

Varied and energetic - the Nike Air Max 90 Essential in Wolf Grey, White and Indigo Storm .

With an impressive completion another result has been worked out, which does not have to wait long for a sworn fan community.

Nike Air Max 90 Essential Wolf Grey White Indigo Storm AJ1285-016
Nike Air Max 90 Essential Wolf Grey White Indigo Storm AJ1285-016

Excellent colours that have found realization in a material mix that guarantees promising moments are harmoniously combined.

Sophisticated system for long-lasting comfort

It is thanks to its portability that your feet always receive the comfort that takes you further. Along the toe pocket, tongue and the outer entrance you'll find sturdy grey mesh fabric. In the front, at the weather protection edge, there is a suede insert in grey, which also adorns the side wings. Another fabric insert underneath the side wings and the colour of the label on the tongue are also found in a darker grey. A colour accentuation penetrates with blue as the border of the viewing window and on the rubber applications.

Outstanding mode of operation of the visible attenuation

In order to compensate for any unevenness along the path or to receive additional energy, its visible damping system gives you this opportunity. This is where you shift your entire body weight with every use and relieve your muscles and joints in a noticeable way with every movement. In this way you can prevent unpleasant muscle and joint pain in an exemplary way.

Fast cleaning in an uncomplicated way

Really relaxed you can tackle a removal of dirt on your gem. With this proven tip, the removal can be carried out within a very short time. Either a soft cloth or a soft brush in a bucket with a few drops of household detergent can be used for soaking. The desired areas are pre-treated with this solution in order to effortlessly remove the dirt deposits. A circular movement on the upper material is best suited for this purpose. A few minutes later the surfaces shine again in their original state.

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