Nike Air Max 90 Essential Wolf Grey White Rush Pink Volt

With a colorful concept, this new Nike Air Max 90 Essential makes a difference. This has continuously ensured that you have a candidate for the feet that will work together with the rest of your outfit to create an attractive change. You can find out more about the requirements for this in the separate blog post, which goes into more detail about this copy for you.

Versatile and ingenious at the same time - the Nike Air Max 90 Essential in Wolf Grey, White, Rush Pink and Volt .

In its entirety, this time a varied guest performance with five ingenious colours emerges in the number.

Nike Air Max 90 Essential Wolf Grey White Rush Pink Volt AJ1285-020
Nike Air Max 90 Essential Wolf Grey White Rush Pink Volt AJ1285-020

As a realization, the predominant part has been immortalized in grey, which spreads out at the toebox, the side wings as well as at the back of the entrance. The lower fabric insert made of smooth leather, its rear weather protection edge, the plastic appliqu├ęs along the shoelace eyelets and further back at the end have been darkly decorated. Around each of the damping systems in the form of a frame, this area is coloured pink together with the upper eyelet reinforcement made of rubber. All the inscriptions typically used on the back and tongue of this model are luminous neon yellow.

Excellent choice of materials enables permanent use of the material

Your feet are comfortably softly accommodated inside the sneaker, which are presented with an overwhelming experience. Even longer distances don't give you any more effort and master them on all surfaces with bravura. You'll also be pleasantly surprised by the breathable mesh inserts that are visible along the toe pocket and the outer entrance in grey.

Amazing running behaviour in every respect

You'll be thrilled by its wearing characteristics, which are mainly due to the visible cushioning system in the midsole. This is where you shift your entire body weight at every step. Any joint or related back pain can be prevented many times over or almost completely contained. On top of that, this system provides you with additional vitality, which is finely dosed throughout the day.

Uncomplicated removal of dirt deposits

Over time, it cannot be avoided that so-called wear marks crystallize out on the upper material. You can remove them in no time with a promising approach. Either a soft cloth or a soft brush is used as an aid to effectively deal with the dirt. A so-called soap lye is ideally suited as a cleaning mixture, whereby a bucket is filled with lukewarm water in advance and a few drops of household detergent are added. As soon as this is used with circular movements on the necessary surfaces, you can achieve a satisfactory result in no time at all.

Where can I buy the Nike Air Max 90 Essential Wolf Grey White Rush Pink Volt confidently on the Internet?

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