Nike Air Max 90 Leather Blue Void Black Ashen Slate

Are you well prepared for the colder months of the year? With this appealing companion, it works especially well thought out. According to its name, it listens to the words Nike Air Max 90 Leather and turns very well to autumn in terms of colour. In the blog post created especially for this purpose, you can get a better idea of its extensive features.

The Nike Air Max 90 Leather in Blue Void, Black and Ashen Slate is a caring and versatile product.

As soon as the wet and predominantly cold season is approaching, you will be well prepared for it with this companion.

Nike Air Max 90 Leather Blue Void Black Ashen Slate 302519-400
Nike Air Max 90 Leather Blue Void Black Ashen Slate 302519-400

As a result, demanding areas have been aligned so that they are less sensitive to dirt and more warmth is available in the shoe. In addition, this design will give you real pleasure in finding new combinations, which are quickly found due to its classic appearance.

Remarkable choice of materials with a glossy overall appearance

Your feet are protected all around thanks to the use of high-quality smooth leather, suede and sympathetic mesh inserts. The special feature of this performance is that the toebox is not made of flexible mesh as usual, but is made of white smooth leather. With regard to the weather protection edges, suede was sewn in dark blue for the most part, whereby these unfold more towards the front in a pastel blue together with the inner and outer wings. The remaining parts such as the tongue, the inner lining and the outer entrance are made of fine mesh fabric.

Unrestricted comfort due to mature damping technology

In the midsole you will find the result why your goals will be reached much faster. As a so-called peephole, the damping system is purely external to you, to which you shift your entire body weight immediately after a strain. Unevenness on your way or other effects are filtered much more intensively and back or similar complaints are almost a thing of the past.

How do you proceed effectively with a necessary cleaning?

Now you're probably wondering how this specimen can be brought back to its high gloss without you overlooking anything? As a result-oriented, you can use a soft cloth or a soft brush. You will also need a container to fill with lukewarm water and a few drops of detergent. The preferred tool is dissolved in it and the impurities to be cleaned are dissolved by means of circular movements. After a short reaction time the time has come and the all-rounder shines again as he did at the time of purchase.

Where can you buy the Nike Air Max 90 Leather Blue Void Black Ashen Slate online?

Without having to think twice, an order in Purchaze's online shop behaves as you would expect it to. Immediately after receipt of payment the sneakers are sent out to you by DHL and you can wear them within Germany practically 1-3 working days later on your feet. On top of that you get the opportunity to make your purchase casually by invoice or unbound as installment payment. Thus you minimize your risk by a multiple and pay only after receipt of the commodity.

At this point you can choose your size and at the back you can complete the purchase:

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