Nike Shox R4 Black White

Happy with an unmistakable look, this elaboration can be better identified under the name Nike Shox R4. Its silhouette has been on the market since 2000 and has been available as a new release from time to time. If your heart beats faster for such stagings, this companion presents itself to you today in an almost exclusively black color dress. In the following blog post its complete advantages are explained to you more near, so that you can understand this Sneaker for you still better.

Unique and revolutionary - the Nike Shox R4 in Black and White.

As soon as you rediscover your taste rather in trend-setting forms, with which you can also stand out, the so-called shoe world does not always have a suitable answer ready at the first go.

Nike Shox R4 Black White 104265-044
Nike Shox R4 Black White 104265-044

You will therefore judge this production as real progress. A whole lot closer you will connect it in the forefoot area with the ground you are currently standing on. Together with its numerous accentuations, you become simply and movingly a peculiarity.

Sophisticated overall result for maximum wearing comfort

Inside the sneaker and along the tongue, a soft padding announces itself that wraps your foot flexibly and securely. If you are planning extensive activities with this production, you will be thrilled by the way it unfolds when you wear it. The upper material used is mainly synthetic fabric, which divides its space with breathable black mesh fabric at the front and on the tongue. Thus, you can always achieve a perfect inside temperature, as this provides you with sufficient air from outside.

Overwhelming leadership qualities with every demand

In comparison to the more familiar versions, you will notice a difference in the four pillars at the back. Amazingly, they intervene with each activity, immediately shifting your full body weight. As a result, your daily routine is much more relaxed, as your muscles and joints locate a proper recovery. This candidate provides you with a certain balance and additional vitality.

Perfect removal of dirt deposits

If you have this performance deep and firm in your heart, any signs of wear cannot be avoided over time. The following tip will provide a quick remedy. Simply fill a container with lukewarm water and add a few drops of household detergent. In addition, either a soft cloth or a soft brush is chosen as an aid, which is placed in this mixture for soaking. The areas to be treated are first pre-treated with this solution and then the remaining residues can simply be wiped off and removed. A short time later its overall appearance returns to its original state.

What makes the Nike Shox R4 Black White the ideal source of supply to buy on the Internet?

The new purchase can be carried out quickly and painlessly in the online shop of Purchaze, so that you don't stand with empty hands or a negative experience afterwards. Everything is promising and you will be more than satisfied if everything goes according to plan! Since 2004, we have been offering you an optimal service, which offers the prospect of a purchase on account or convenient payment by instalments. Without any risk you hold your order in your hands before you have to balance the invoice amount.

As long as this processing fully meets your requirements, you put your personal shoe size in the shopping cart. Your personal data will then be requested so that the DHL courier can deliver the goods. As a result, you prefer your preferred payment method and shipping starts immediately after receipt of payment. You can do this here:

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