Nike WMNS Air Max 90 SE Gym Red White

This time the Nike WMNS Air Max 90 SE shines with your feet in an extremely valuable package. For an extensive walk, you'll find likeable upper materials such as velvety smooth leather and suede in a bright red. Just the handle in your hand stands for selected quality, which is clearly topped when used. Read more about this in the following blog post!

All around an enchanting result - with the Nike WMNS Air Max 90 SE in red, ochre and white.

To ensure that your feet get their money's worth, an attractive and consistent wearing behavior ensures that you get the best possible comfort convincingly.

Nike WMNS Air Max 90 SE Gym Red White 881105-602
Nike WMNS Air Max 90 SE Gym Red White 881105-602

In the inner shoe you will find a coherent upholstery, so that with a movement everything is protected in the place where it really belongs.

His choice of materials won't let you down so quickly.

The arrangement of the fabrics has been carefully considered. This has created an attractive image and at the same time a companion that you can use in a variety of ways in wind and weather. The midsole fills the brightest part of the shoe with white and creates a companion on its side with ochre, which finds its perfection along the outsole in colour.

Don't compromise thanks to soothing damping

Thanks to the viewing windows at the rear of the midsole, you immediately receive a damping system. Your entire body weight is transferred to this system to provide additional protection against bumps on the road or other impacts. Existing back or knee pain is carefully contained and nothing stands in the way of a free run.

What's the best thing about care?

If the time comes to free the sneaker from unwanted wear marks or dirt, we have a simple tip for you. All you need is a soft cloth or a soft brush. You dip this in a container filled with water and a little detergent. Work the areas to be treated in light, circular movements. After only a short application time, the result can be seen again and your favourite pieces will shine in their old glory.

Your ideal place to order the Nike WMNS Air Max 90 SE Gym Red White online!

In order to enjoy these pieces of cream, we have been offering you the opportunity to visit us for over 14 years. Online or in our shop in Aurich we have this version ready for you. The best thing about it is that our rich selection of payment options plays into your cards. With an invoice purchase or casual payment by instalments, you already have this presentation in your hands before you have to transfer the money. This option is not only convenient, it will soften you up completely!

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