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Bestellanleitung im Purchaze Online Sneaker Store in Aurich

How to use Purchaze

This is a manual, we created for you, to simplify the ordering process.

Add an Item to your shopping cart

First you have to choose the size. The chart in the middle of the site shows all sizes which are available, sold out or possible to re-order. On the right there is a button called "Add to cart". After choosing an item and pressing the button, a lightbox appears. This confirms that the article is added to your cart. Two opportunities are available now. Either you can shop further or go to the checkout.

The shopping cart

All added items are listed on this site. On the left there is the product picture with the related article name. Colors and sizes are listed as well. If an item was added by mistake, it is possible to cancel it with the "red X". The right half of the shopping cart shows the chosen quantity, the availability and prices. After checking it, there are the possibilities to shop further or to progress the order.

Login or registering a new account

After choosing "I want to checkout" in the shopping cart, the next step is to login or register. If there is an existing account, you can login with the registered E-Mail address and your password. If it is the first time you are visiting us, you have to register. All form fields with an asterisk have to be filled out correctly. The button "Register" closes this process and an E-Mail with the confirmation about your registry is send to your stated E-Mail address.

Choosing your payment method

You have the choice between your credit card, PayPal and the bank transfer to pay your order. After choosing one of them, a text appears besides and telling you all the necessary details of the method.


In this last step you have to prove your order. Control the billing and shipping address as well as the chosen payment. All added items are specified, you have to check it one last time. After reading, understanding and confirming the conditions the button "Buy" appears and should be pressed, if everything is fine.

What should I do if "add to cart" does not work?

  • The shopping cart system requires the Cookies and JavaScript function in the browser, please go to your browser's option and check if you have enabled the Cookies and JavaScript (both settings are on by default). If not, please enable them and try again.
  • If you still can’t add the item into the cart, please go to your browser's option to clear the cookies history as it may indicate the cookies were corrupted. After that try again.
  • If the same problems occurs, please contact us how to proceed your order. We will issue a PayPal invoice to pay for your order.

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